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How to Use Blockchain

If you are a millennial and keen on making a fortune, then you should be aware of the cryptocurrencies. They are digital currencies that are predicted to bring huge returns in the future as the prices will go up when the demand increases. Ever since, crypto investors and traders have started investing in these digital currencies. Now, there are different types of cryptocurrencies to choose from including bitcoins, altcoins, litecoins, ripple, ether and so on. And guess what all these digital coins operate over a peer-to-peer network that is known as the blockchain network. This is a digital ledger that keeps an account of all the crypto transactions that take place over the network.

But if you are wondering how to use blockchain, then you have to understand the basics. To begin with, you have to choose a bitcoin wallet that will store all your crypto transactions and help you in buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Thereafter, you have to choose a crypto exchange where you will buy and sell your crypto assets based on the present market. For this, you have to add the sender’s or recipient’s address to your wallet for further tracking bitcoin transactions. And all the details are stored over the blockchain network where bitcoin miners play a huge role which you will find out eventually in this blog-post. We will go over all the things that are important for your better understanding.

Definition of Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain? It is an online structure that stores all the crypto transaction records known as blocks in diverse databases. The latter is known as a chain in a network that is connected by peer-to-peer nodes. This storage mechanism is known as a digital ledger. Also, each and every transaction on this network is approved by the digital signature of the owner. This is solely done to secure your account and provide its credibility. To conclude, this digital signature is the private and public key of the account and you should go for a tough one to prevent online frauds.  

The Reasons for Popularity of Blockchain

There are many reasons why blockchain is popular and they are as follows:

  • Highly Secure

The best attribute of blockchain is that it is highly secure. This is because it consists of a digital signature that ensures safety and security to your account. Moreover, none of the crypto accounts can be reachable without the signature of the owner thus making it very safe. In addition, you can also opt for multiple signature accounts that make the signature chosen by the owner compulsory for any transaction on the blockchain network.

  • Anonymous System

This is completely anonymous meaning there are no third-parties involved. This makes the crypto transactions hassle-free and less complicated. However, you are solely responsible for your crypto assets so you should know how to buy, sell and manage your crypto assets to get the best benefits.

  • Automatic Mechanism

Blockchain has gained popularity due to another reason. This network can produce payments and other transactions on its own once all the criteria are met. This makes it extremely user-friendly.

The Process of Blockchain Network

To understand how to use blockchain, you need to understand the entire process in detail. Blockchain is the combination of three important technologies and they are:

  1. Cryptographic keys
  2. A peer-to-peer network
  3. A mean of computing to keep an account of the transactions

To begin with the cryptographic keys consist of two types of keys and they are private and public keys. These keys provide security to the account and they are digital signatures. Needless to say, they provide authority of the account and prevent online thefts and frauds. These digital signatures are synced with the peer-to-peer network that is solely responsible for bitcoin transaction confirmation.

The Procedure of Blockchain Transaction

If you understand the basics, then you will find out how to use blockchain without much effort. To start with, crypto transactions include buying, selling and managing crypto assets in a crypto wallet. This means you have to add a sender’s or recipient address to your crypto wallet to buy or send the cryptocurrencies and vice versa. That’s when private and public keys come in handy. Thereafter, bitcoin mining takes place which is the process of totaling transactional details to the blockchain network. Then, the bitcoin miners come into the picture. They are the experts who solve these complicated mathematical problems and verify the tracking bitcoin transactions over the blockchain. Also note that they always select the transactions that come with a higher bitcoin transaction fee compared to the lower ones.

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