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how to add money to blockchain wallet

Do you know blockchain technology is crucial to bitcoin trading and investment? If you are unaware of this fact, then it is high time you should know about this. Whether you want to send or buy bitcoins, you have to create a blockchain wallet login first to begin your journey in the crypto world. These wallets provide the base where you store, manage and track your crypto transactions. But, to be precise, these wallets are not physically present; instead, they keep an account of all the transactions over the blockchain network. This blockchain is also known as digital ledger and a peer-to-peer computing network where bitcoin miners mine bitcoins and turn them into blocks. Is it too much to take it at one go? Well, the entire procedure may sound complicated at first, but when you begin your crypto journey, it will get smoother moving forward.

Now you may ask who the bitcoin miners are and what is bitcoin mining? At first, the miners are the professionals who solve complicated mathematical problems and convert each bitcoin transaction into a block and earn themselves a free bitcoin. Thus, they are solely responsible for confirming the bitcoin transactions. However, here is an interesting fact and that is as they choose the bitcoin transactions, they always go for the ones that come with a higher bitcoin transaction fee than the lower ones. Yes, you have heard that right. This happens because there are millions of bitcoin transactions taking place every second which makes the mechanism a challenging one which is why they go for the ones that come with a higher return.

In this article, we will tell you how to add money to blockchain wallet for crypto transactions. In fact, you can also buy bitcoins with a credit/debit card. However, you must transfer the crypto fund from the blockchain wallet to your bank account to keep accountability. On the other hand, if you are stuck anywhere, you can always call Blockchain Customer Service Number and seek assistance at the soonest.

Easy Steps to Follow to Add Money to Blockchain Wallet

Do you want to find out how to add money to blockchain wallet? If yes, then you should know that you have to follow a few steps that are listed below moving forward.

  • Make a blockchain wallet account to begin bitcoin transaction
  • Add your credentials like your email address and verify it  
  • You will get a unique bitcoin and bitcoin cash address that will be generated by the blockchain wallet
  • Click on the request present at the top of the wallet to receive funds using the address
  • Select the cryptocurrency from the drop-down menu
  • Locate the option of QR code for each currency you like
  • You can scan the address using a QR code scanner if the sender is nearby
  • If you have a specific amount in mind, you can send the requested link to the sender

How to Add Money to Blockchain Wallet Account through Credit Card

You can also add money to your blockchain wallet using your credit/debit card. So, if you want to find out about how to add money to blockchain wallet through credit or debit card, keep reading below:

  • Select the amount first to buy bitcoins
  • Submit your ID details to proceed with the verification process
  • Add your bitcoin address
  • Enter your credit card details
  • And, receive the bitcoins in your blockchain wallet

How to Withdraw Bitcoin from Blockchain Wallet to Bank Account

Here is how you can withdraw bitcoin from blockchain wallet to bank account:

  • Login www.blockchain.com to get started
  • Add the valid transfer account address to proceed further
  • Double check the address and then click on send button
  • Then, you will receive a transaction receipt in your registered email id

That’s your answer to ‘how to add money to blockchain wallet?’ You have to get the funds transferred from one wallet to another which is the norm of crypto transactions. That’s why you have to be very cautious while adding the sender address or scanning the QR code if the sender is nearby. Any loophole in this particular step can lead to a major monetary loss. 

Contact Blockchain Customer Support Number

Whether you want more clarity on adding money to a blockchain wallet or withdrawing money, you can always consult with the experts. It is possible by one call and that is by calling the Blockchain Customer Support Number. The experts present at the customer support will always help you with everything that you need. So, don’t hesitate and clear all your queries as that will help you in leading a hassle-free crypto life. Stop waiting and call them right away!

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