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how do i log into my blockchain wallet

How do I log in to my blockchain wallet? Is it complicated? Do I need an expert for the process? All your questions will be answered but at first, you need to understand the in and out of cryptocurrency and blockchain moving ahead. If you are planning to go shopping for a blockchain wallet login, then hold your calm as you are completely wrong. This wallet is a computing system that operates over the peer-to-peer network. Also, it provides a platform to manage, buy and sell altcoins, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. That’s not it, the blockchain wallet provides credibility to your crypto account by providing the public and private keys. These keys are the digital signatures that provide authenticity of the account and makes way for further bitcoin transactions. That said, both of the keys should be compatible with each other and that’s how every blockchain wallet is unique. Here is more to blockchain wallet and your answer on ‘How do I log in to my blockchain wallet?’

What Is A Blockchain Wallet?

A blockchain wallet is a digital software program that consists of private and public keys. The latter communicates with a peer network to permit users to send and receive cryptocurrencies and manage their balance. Thus, if you want to invest and trade in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies, you need to have a blockchain wallet.

Important Note:

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How Does Blockchain Wallet Work?

You will eventually find out how to log in blockchain wallet but before that you should know that a blockchain wallet is not a physical wallet. To be precise, it doesn’t store any bitcoin or altcoin

physically. All it does is keep an account of all the crypto transactions that take place over the blockchain network. Confused? Well, there is nothing to go haywire as if you ace the basics, then the rest will be a cakewalk for you.

Now you should know how to use a blockchain wallet. As it has been mentioned earlier, these wallets do not operate without the combination of the private and public key. Now the private key is a security code number that stays with the crypto investors. The public key, on the other hand, can be owned by a digital wallet platform like Coinbase. Also note that the private key should match with the public key, otherwise no crypto transaction will occur in the first place. That’s why you should be very cautious with these keys as they can lead to monetary loss. That said, these keys give ownership to crypto investors.

How do I Login to My Blockchain Wallet

You can log in to your blockchain wallet by entering your registered email id. The email id will receive an identifier that will verify you and will allow you to use your blockchain wallet for future transactions. So, you have to open your mailbox, find the email and confirm it to provide authenticity to your account. However, if you don’t have a wallet created, then you should visit www.blockchain.com and create a wallet by adding all the crucial information including name, email id, password. Thereafter, you can add the sender’s or recipient’s address for future bitcoin transactions. Here’s how you can buy and send bitcoins using a blockchain wallet.

  • Open the bitcoin.com app and select ‘Send’
  • Enter the recipient’s wallet address in your wallet app, choose Scan QR code and scan it with your app
  • Choose the type of wallet you want to send bitcoins or bitcoin cash from
  • Add the number you want to send and then choose Next
  • Check the details then click on Send

The next step is to find out the ways to receive bitcoins where the steps are the same, as an alternative of selecting to send, in the beginning, you have to select to receive instead. Also, send your wallet address to the sender or if you are near to the sender, they can scan your wallet with the QR code.

Contact Blockchain Customer Support Number

You should always get expert support from professionals if you are facing any issue in using the blockchain wallet and other bitcoin transaction issues. Call Blockchain Customer Support Number and seek expert guidance right away. All your doubts will be cleared by the professionals who will make sure that you are confident to start your journey in the crypto world without an iota of doubt.  

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