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Cryptocurrency has created a buzz for all the right reasons. From being an anonymous body to making a fortune in the near future as predicted by the experts, these digital currencies are the latest investment plan for the millenials. As there is no third-party involved, you as a crypto investor or trader are the sole owner of your crypto assets. From buying and selling to managing your crypto assets, you have the full control over your assets. That’s why you should be really careful while transacting otherwise you might be the reason for your own loss.

Now where are you planning to store your crypto assets? A blockchain wallet login is the forum where you can buy, sell and manage your crypto assets. In fact, this is not a physical wallet if you think of it that way, instead, it is a computing software that keeps a record of all your crypto transactions. There is more to this wallet and how it operates gradually leading to how you can login blockchain wallet.

Definition of Blockchain Wallet

A blockchain wallet login is a digital software program that includes private and public keys. They operate with a peer network to allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies and manage their balance. Hence, if you want to invest and trade in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies, you should have a blockchain wallet.

Important Note:

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How Does Blockchain Wallet Work?

Before finding out how to log into a blockchain wallet, you should know how this wallet works to get your concept clear. To begin with, blockchain wallet login is not a physical wallet and it doesn’t store any bitcoin or altcoin physically. Yes you have heard that right. Instead, it only keeps an account of all the crypto transactions that take place over the blockchain technology. If this is too much for you to understand, then keep calm and focus on finding out the basic as that will make your crypto journey an easier one. 

The blockchain wallet does not operate without the compatibility of the private and public key. The private key is a security code number kept safe with the crypto investors. On the other hand, the public key can be owned by a digital wallet platform such as Coinbase etc. Thus, the private key should sync with the public key for further bitcoin transactions. Hence, you should be very careful with these keys as they give ownership to you and you will be responsible for managing the crypto assets.

How to Log In Blockchain Wallet

In this part, we will tell you how to login blockchain wallet. You can start by entering your registered email ID where you will receive an identifier that will authenticate you and will permit you to use your blockchain wallet for future transactions. So, open your mailbox, find the email and verify it to provide legitimacy to your account. But, if you don’t have a wallet created, then you should visit www.blockchain.com and create a wallet by entering all the crucial information including name, email id, password. Then, you can add the sender’s or recipient’s address for future bitcoin transactions. 

If you want to buy and send bitcoins using a blockchain wallet, here’s how you can do it.

  • Open the bitcoin.com app and select ‘Send’
  • Add the recipient’s wallet address in your wallet app, choose Scan QR code and scan it with your app
  • Select the type of wallet you want to send bitcoins or bitcoin cash from
  • Enter the number you want to send and then choose Next
  • Check the details then click on Send

Now we will tell you how to receive bitcoins, and the steps are the same. Instead of selecting to send, in the beginning, you have to choose to receive instead. Also, send your wallet address to the sender or if you are near to him/her, they can scan your wallet with the QR code and vice versa.

Contact Blockchain Customer Support Number

If you are facing any issue in login blockchain wallet and other bitcoin transaction issues, call Blockchain Customer Support Number and get expert help right away. They will clear doubts and make you confident enough to begin your crypto journey without any hesitation. So, don’t wait and call up if you need an expert to talk to. 

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